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Our efficient negotiation finalization process

WedgeInvest is a bilateral marketplace, created to enable unlisted corporations and investors to meet directly on our platform and match according to the compatibility of their opportunities and intentions, respectively. These matches will result in the smart matching and exchanging of company shares.

Our platform

Our platform endeavors to form a symbiotic relationship between unquoted corporations and investors. On the corporate end, the results of a full valuation, monitoring and reporting of their CVC fund portfolios will be compared with the Private Equity portfolios of possible investors.

On the investors end, a similar process of valuation, monitoring and reporting of their Private Equity and fund portfolios will occur.

Our offer

The corporate side of our market, or the “sell-side”, consists of private companies, consultants, fundraisers, and fund managers. The investor side, or the “buy-side”, is made up of venture capitalists, family offices, business angels, institutionals (LP) and fund managers (GP).