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company valuation

A comprehensive approach

to value your company

We believe it is essential for the success of all stakeholders involved in a deal,
from the founders of a company to its investors, to have a comprehensive portfolio of the company they are working with.
WedgeInvest caters to both sides of a deal by providing a full service valuation,
monitoring and reporting of the company involved, all of which is available upon request during each follow-on process
We aim to act as your guide in determining how valuable your company truly is,
monitoring the key drivers of your business at whatever life cycle position your company is in.

Highly regarded valuation methods

Our fund portfolio valuations are designed to capture the full spectrum of your company's value from different perspectives. Doing so, while adhering to a grounded methodology which leaves no space for arbitrary conclusions.

Customized valuation reports

To us, a number which lacks industrial context and a clear vision of the technological functions involved in the valuation of a company, is meaningless. We think it is important that whilst the negotiations occur each funding round, all information pertaining to the exchange will be easily accessible to both parties involved. This will enable all participants in the deal to be well informed and secure in their dealings. This is why at WedgeInvest, we provide for each funding round a clear picture of the future cash flows, qualitative aspects, and investor returns.