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A comprehensive approach

to value your company

The valuation of a company is at the heart of the relationship between all stakeholders involved,
from founders to the company as a whole and, investors.
WedgeInvest provides to both the deal side a full service of valuation, usually requested along each follow-on process.
Our platform guides you towards understanding how valuable your company is and gives the opportunity
to monitor the key drivers of your business activities, whatever the life cycle positioning.

Highly regarded valuation methods

Our valuation algorithms have been designed to capture the full value of the company from different points of view using a grounded methodology that doesn't leave space for arbitrary conclusions.

Customized valuation reports

We consider that a number, without an industry context and a clear vision of the technology functionalities involved in the valuation of a company is meaningless. During negotiations taking place at each funding round, it is important to put all information on the table so that parties of the deal can fairly be on-board. That's why Wedgeinvest provides for each current funding round a clear picture of the future cash flows, qualitative aspects, and investor returns.

Direct Value

  • Get a valuation of your company
  • Price and score your assets
  • Set your deal on an accurate price

6 000€/valuation

Advanced Value

  • Update your Pre-IPO valuation
  • Choose to do it deal by deal

3 000€/valuation

Fly to Market

3 500€


12 months

  • Dynamic valuation
  • Price the newsflow impact
  • Follow the market trend