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Newsletters as we Know Them are Obsolete

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Marketing once was the land of aggressive sales techniques requiring pressuring sales targets. As the sales targets grew, the aggressive sales techniques become more and more obsolete. With the rising population of millennials in the job market old strategies become at a galloping rate ineffective or even nocuous to positive returns.

Contrarily to what we seem to hear or think, the statistics speak for themselves, millennials deem emails their favorite work tool and check them on personal phones as much as personal computers. These facts reflect the potential there is in email marketing. Some studies go even as far as advising emails as the most effective choice compared to social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. However, it is also good to know that on average less than one third of marketing emails are opened.

Often marketing emails are pushy, unpersonal and communicate little to no valuable content. These are signs that the contents of the newsletters have been written with little attention towards the reader and focus mainly on their own sales results.

Ironically, the more you focus on the client the more it will bring results. The first step to take is on the content side. The less is more applies here too. Keep text short, clear and engaging, no more than 300 words. In terms of images, only use them to support your text. While interactive content must be concise and playful. Create one call to action with interactive content so the reader can get directly to the point. For the presentation, keep it minimalist and no more than three colors including black and white. Lastly, for a perfect experience, optimize images, configure your email to avoid anti-spams and target your audience.


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