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Designing user flow in Private Equity

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In UX design, the user flow is a visual representation of how users move through the product. It shows every step the user takes from the entry point to the final action which can be signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. For a private equity marketplace such as WedgeInvest it can be tough to cater to every type of users, each having their own objectives and preferences. Whether the user is an institutional investor seeking investment opportunities or an entrepreneur looking for capital, he should not be confused when navigating the platform.

At Finwedge, we start by defining the user’s needs and motivations. We consider the user’s pain points, preferences and level of expertise in order to identify the information the user needs. We then describe each step of the user flow and prioritize the content of every page. The platform should be easy for the user to browse through: on any step of the user flow, he should know where he is, what he can do on the page, where he can go from here. For example, the investor understands that he can make a company valuation request on the opportunity card he is interested in. Similarly, the startup C-Level knows he can start messaging the investor he matched with once they both agree with mutual consent. The information on each page should be clear, concise, and present when the user needs it. We do not want the user to feel overwhelmed by too many instructions nor do we want his time to be wasted looking for information.

A great user experience requires an intuitive design. When designing user flow, especially for a private equity platform, we want to match what the user expects to happen with what actually happens in the application. For WedgeInvest, we want to avoid any frustration because the easier the user interface is, the more likely the user will answer to the call to action which is to match. Designing user flow is a continuous and complex process. We aim at improving the WedgeInvest user experience and getting users familiar with our marketplace by building, testing, and learning from feedbacks.

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