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Designing user flow in Private Equity

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In UX design, the user flow is a visual representation of how users move through the product. It shows every move the user has taken, from their first negotiation to their final deal. For a private equity marketplace, it can be a challenge to cater to every type of user as each has their own preferences and objectives. At WedgeInvest, we pride ourselves in our adaptable and intuitive platform design. Whether our customer is an institutional investor seeking investment opportunities, or an entrepreneur looking for capital, we will ensure they have a clear understanding in how to navigate our services.

We begin our user’s journey by defining their specific needs and goals, considering their pain points, preferences and level of expertise in order to identify the information which would most benefit them on their path to success. At WedgeInvest, we value our users’ time, and so our platform is designed to be comprehensible and concise, aiming to limit an overwhelming amount of information, which may lead to unnecessary confusion. We make a point that for every step of the user flow, the user should know where they are, what options are available to them and where they can go from there. 

At WedgeInvest, we not only want to match the users expectations, but aim to continuously improve ourselves through repeated testing, and user feedback. 

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