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Innovating in financial platform through a user center design approach

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Finwedge is a startup offering a financial platform for asset management. This startup was founded on the philosophy of addressing the pain points of investment market stakeholders through a user-centered approach. To be successful, startups must stand out among the vast competition of fellow companies. Our unique and innovative foundation pierced through the existing bundle of financial platforms, by efficiently combining the strength of proven methods, such as Design Thinking and Radical Innovation Design®, to meet our users many needs during their investment journey.

Our journey begins with an observation of the different usages of stakeholders with various techniques to build an effective support relationship with our users. In order to strengthen our understanding of the stakeholders’ needs, they are divided into separate profiles and personas to better model our customer. During this time, we identify and analyze the issues felt by Private Equity stakeholders during their investment activities. We benchmark existing services to technology solutions and evaluate their efficiency and relevance in diminishing the stakeholders pains. Through cross referencing problems, existing solutions, and the uses, we identify what are the right innovation targets, or what we may call innovation bucket values.

The innovation bucket value as well as a good understanding of profiling PE stakeholders lends an opportunity to design innovative solutions with high interest for the users, as it relieves stressors during their investments. We believe that this is the best way to offer the right kind of product and service, one tailored to match a stakeholder that’s going to give an edge in the asset management world. In Finwedge’s case, we introduce the platform WedgeInvest to assist investors, sellers, and fund-raisers in Private Equity to find the right match. The platform offers a market place to issue and exchange private assets with a highly personalized experience. Through a deep understanding of the stakeholders around Private Equity, we facilitate their hard journey in search for the right investment and help them evaluate all possibilities

As for the design of WedgeInvest, our teams follow a Set-Based Concurrent Engineering approach. We constantly collaborate to identify the perfect design space, responding to the combined needs of the marketing team, the developers, the designers, the business developers and the product manager. To achieve this approach, our design team follows the Agile Scrum methodology to adapt to our evolving understanding of our users, remain in the optimal design space, and perfectly meet our users needs.

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