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Why should you subscribe to WedgeInvest?

By 15 September 2020 October 12th, 2020 No Comments

The WedgeInvest platform is out!

But what is it?

WedgeInvest is the first marketplace to use algorithms to match unlisted companies looking for capital and most adequate investors. Our platform helps its members raise capital, buy and sell companies, spot potential investments, and new clients, and invest in funds dedicated to innovation.

Now, who are you? Are you a buy-side or a sell-side?

If you are a company looking for capital, you are a sell-side! It means that you are creating an investment opportunity for the buy-side. You will need to check whether certain investors are interested in your business or whether you are interested in them. The platform will check if your sectors are a match and various other data. Even better, WedgeInvest does most of the work for you! Our platform works so effectively thanks to a powerful algorithm created by our development team.

The buy-side is the investors’ part. Our users will have access to a wide range of companies, so they will never feel limited when it comes to investment options. WedgeInvest will preselect what is likely to be of interest to you, then, you need only contact the company you wish to work with. Super easy.

The goal of WedgeInvest is to simplify the connection with your potential future investors or companies in which you will invest.

On our platform, there are three types of users. Visitors, members, and subscribers. As a visitor, you will be welcome to discover our interface. The landing page will inform you about what you will have access to if you were a subscriber. You will be able to learn more about WedgeInvest and its features. You can go from a simple visitor to a registered user on WedgeInvest. You are then considered a member. To become a member, you will need to provide us some information: your name, your email address, and your company. Once registered you will be able to see the different opportunities available to you on your configured dashboard. Now that you can see what WedgeInvest can offer you. 

Once subscribed you will be able to access opportunity cards. (opportunity cards allow this?) You will be able to see the company and its details but most importantly you will be able to send a request to be put in touch. If sell-side and buy-side intentions meet: it’s a match!

A confidentiality contract will protect you and your interlocutor so you can be able to exchange any necessary information for your partnership freely. 

Now that you have our background information we hope you better understand the possibilities to be found in the WedgeInvest experience. To join us there are only a few necessary steps to become a subscriber. We would be more than delighted to welcome you.

WedgeInvest is waiting for you!

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